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We'd like to extend our congratulations to the following couples on their up-coming weddings...  




Brandi and Dennis

San Diego, CA

March 20th 2004



Jennifer and Michael

Los Angeles, CA

October 9th, 2004






Brett and Timothy

Minneapolis, MN

July 17th, 2004




Kristen and Michael

Arcadia, CA 

April 24th, 2004



Estibaliz and Scott

Vitoria, Spain

July 31st, 2004





Nicola and Richard

Ibiza, Spain

July 1st, 2004


Sophie and Philip

Dalmahoy. Scotland

August 24th, 2004






Diana and Michael

Mt. Pleasance, Michigan

June 11th, 2004






Heidi and Simon

Shrewsbury, England

October 23rd, 2004



Layla and Martin

Herts, England

May 30th, 2004



Sharon and Allan

Edinburgh, Scotland

May 22nd, 2004




Sonya and Trevor

London, England

November 6th, 2004



Elaine and Nigel

Bury St. Edmond's, England

May 14th, 2004





Jennifer and Charles

West Sussex, England

September 4th, 2004







Nell and Kevin

Asheville, North Carolina

July 17th, 2004




Carrie and Matthew

Rochester, NY

June 12, 2004





Erica and James

Santa Monica, California

July 10th, 2004


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                                                     2003 Invitations by Alecia

                                                     Edinburgh, Scotland




                            We Accept